The Best Apartment Rentals in Concord, New Hampshire are the Rental Apartments With the Best Locations and Amenities

If you’re looking for beautiful affordable apartments to rent in Concord, New Hampshire then you’ve come to the right place.

South Concord Meadows is located centrally to everything Concord NH and is full of amenities and is considered one of the best apartment rentals in the Concord area

Looking for the best apartment rentals in Concord NH, then drive on over to South Concord Meadows and check out one of the best apartment rental locations in the entirety of Concord New Hampshire. Centrally located to everything Concord has to offer, restaurants, shops, healthcare, job opportunities, major highways, and more, are all within a short walk or drive from your new home.

The Best Apartment Rentals in Concord Offer the Best Overall Value

It’s true, location is a huge factor in deciding which is the best apartment rental in Concord NH for you, but not far behind that comes the financial considerations, and that means a comparison of total overall value, a combination of rental cost, amenities, and customer service. The real metric to be considered here is value, and although cost itself is a major consideration, it’s better to compare what it is you want in the ideal apartment, how much of that you can get, and what that will cost you. Chances are the best apartment rentals that are the least expensive will be missing many of the key ingredients you need to live a fulfilling life. When you consider your overall total quality of life, rental cost, amenities, location, and the friendliness with which you will be engaged we know you will agree with us that South Concord Meadows might just be one of the best apartment rentals in Concord.

The Best Apartment Rentals in Concord New Hampshire Offer you the Best in Customer Service

When you are out looking for the best apartment rentals you may forget to remember that the experience you have after you sign the lease is as much, if not more important, than the experience you have while you are touring your potential new home. Customer service at most complexes is an afterthought, but not at South Concord Meadows. We understand we are here to serve you and your family, and we take that responsibility seriously. Issues are inevitable, we all agree on that, but how we handle them will make all the difference in your experience at SCM. At Mesiti Real Estate we have families that have called our properties home for decades, and you don’t find that in many places, in fact that in and of itself means we must be one of the best apartment rentals in Concord. Wouldn’t it be nice to experience that same feeling of belonging, of home, that you are happy to raise your family in one apartment community for decades. Well you too can experience that same very feeling when you decide to call SCM home. We will work hard to earn your tenancy each, and every day. We hope that you, like others before you will be pleased to tell friends and family that South Concord Meadows are the best apartment rentals Concord New Hampshire has to offer.

You Need More Than Just Great Customer Service to be one of the Best Apartment Rentals in Concord New Hampshire

It doesn’t stop with great customer service, you need owners that have pride in their communities and are willing to invest when the community needs it, that’s how the best apartment rentals operate, and exactly how we operate at SCM of Concord New Hampshire. You know something is different the minute you drive up for the first time, the grounds are spotless, manicured, and the buildings are completely maintained, we have pride of ownership, and it shows, and you can experience that pride as well. Residents at our communities say time and time again that they are proud to call South Concord Meadows home, and after all, isn’t that what it is all about, having a place you are proud to call home? We think so.

It all comes down to our perspective on property management. Our pride and mission dictate a maintenance and service process across all our properties that ensures your home, and ours, is always at, and looking it’s best! That’s not only how you live your best life at any one of Mesiti Real Estate’s properties, but it’s also how you get to call one of the best apartment rentals in Concord NH, home.

The Best Apartment Rentals in Concord New Hampshire Offer Prompt, Professional Response to any Concerns you Have

Beyond customer service, you want to know that when you do have any concerns they are addressed efficiently. From the odd maintenance issue to the car that blocked your spot, you need to know that property management has your back, that they won’t leave you hanging in a moment of need. If you are going to consider your apartment complex one of the best apartment rentals the Concord area, or any area for that matter has, then you had better be prepared to address concerns respectfully and efficiently. At South Concord Meadows we do just that. We consider every concern a resident has an opportunity to show them just how good we are and how concerned we are that they enjoy their experience at South Concord Meadows.

Here are sentiments from just a couple of our satisfied residents, and why we think we are one of the best apartment rentals in Concord NH!

“Very happy living here for almost 4 years. Staff and maintenance are a pleasure to work with. Grounds well maintained and snow removal is very prompt. Very safe. All my neighbors also enjoy it here. Peaceful quiet location. Optional carports are a big plus here. Best place in Concord I feel.”

“We can’t imagine living any place else. We plan on staying for another 10 years and hopefully another 20 years! This is home.”

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At South Concord Meadows we pride ourselves on having clean, safe, and convenient townhouses for rent in the concord area.

Every townhouse for rent at South Concord Meadows is bi-level and features both a master and spare bedroom. Your new home also includes a spacious laundry room and full bath on the second floor, with a half bath on the first floor. We know that moving can be very stressful which is why at South Concord Meadows we do everything we can to make the move to your new home as stress free as possible. This is why we are proud to offer fully equipped kitchens with all of our units. Your new kitchen will possess all the standard amenities, to include a self-cleaning stove, self-defrosting refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, and garbage disposal. We don’t stop there however; your new apartment will come furnished with a powerful and energy efficient air conditioner as well as a stacked washer/dryer unit. We know that having these things already installed and ready to go will help make the move into your new home at South Concord Meadows a little easier. Every townhouse at South Concord Meadows features your own covered parking as well as your own storage room at no additional cost.

Once you have completed your move to South Concord Meadows you have to check out our community and outdoor amenities.

We have professional landscaping for all seasons ensuring you enjoy your time outdoors no matter the time of year or the weather. We have walking, running, and bike paths as well as exceptional tennis courts available to help you maintain your fitness goals. If you want even more options we offer access to our state of the art fitness center for a low annual fee. If you are into fitness or sports you won’t find a higher quality or more economical option anywhere in the area. For further information concerning our rates for any and all amenities that we offer here at South Concord Meadows, please visit our Renter Information page.

Hard to Find Covered Carport Parking & Additional Covered Storage!

It’s so hard to find these days, but highly coveted covered off street parking can make your living experience so much better and at South Concord Meadows we not only have covered parking, we include additional storage as well. Our carport parking is included with all townhome rentals and can be added to any apartment rental at a reasonable rate of $95.00 per month. Keep your car covered and out of the sun and away from ice and snow and have the extra space for those outdoor items so you don’t have to carry them in and out of your home during use.

To learn more about our Concord, NH townhouses for rent, call us today at (603) 224-2268!

Whatever your rental needs may be, make sure to check out the townhouses for rent at South Concord Meadows in Concord, NH. Once you see our wonderful townhouses, and the price we offer them at, you won’t want to call any other place home.

About South Concord Meadows

Located in Concord, New Hampshire, South Concord Meadows features two-bedroom, garden-style apartments and two-bedroom townhouses. The clubhouse features an indoor swimming pool/jacuzzi and fitness facility. The community spans across acres and acres of country setting while still being conveniently located near Interstates 89 and 93 and downtown Concord. Mesiti Real Estate also has communities in Manchester and Salem, NH.